How to keep my sculpture beautiful?

The surfaces of the sculptures are either rough, filed, chiselled or polished. There is no maintainance on the rough, filed or chiselled stone. Although it might turn a bit green from the plants and trees in the surroundings. This can been removed by a hydroblaster or by hand with a copper brush.

the polished part however might need some maintainance. The sculptures become shining with white or colourless wax, used for instance for wooden floors. Sunlight absorbs wax what could make the sculpture look dull. This can be avoided by applying wax. Give the wax an hour time to soak into the surface and shine it up with a terry cloth.

The above mentioned methode is also sufficient for a shallow scratch. When there is a more deep scratch you need to smooth the surface with a 1000 waterproof sandpaper. Then you take burner to heat the surface and apply wax. Let the sculpture cool down and shine it up with a terry cloth. With some stones you need to repeat this proces several times until the pores of the surface are filled with wax. Sometimes it is not necessary to heat the sculpture again. Applying wax can be sufficent.

The above mentioned methode is the original African way to make the sculptures shine.

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