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The meaning of animals

-    Elephant = good luck, succes
-    Rabbit = cunning
-    Turtle = longevity
-    Dolphin = friendship
-    Rhinocerus = strength
-    Fish = smoothness
-    Giraffe = gracefullness
-    Hippo = friendliness
-    Chameleon = changeability
-    Owl = wisdom
-    Monkey = naughtiness
-    Cape buffalo =  sociability
-    Zebra = unity
-    Dove = peace
-    Lion = strong personality
-    Bird = freedom

The meaning of some scuptures


Symbolizes a next step or phase in life, i.e.  a marriage, a jubilee, a birth, a farewell, a new home or a diploma of some kind.
A wildflower is an abstract shaped stone sculpture from Zimbabwe in which most of the time but not always, spheres are used to symbolize the core meaning of the sculpture. The lines, or sometimes the leaves around the centre may symbolize the people or memories  involved in this next step or phase.

The course outer shape of the sculpture symbolizes the toughness of life. The polished inner part symbolizes the beauty and softer side of life and the idea that, together we have to make something of it.
The people that are depicted inside (=love, friendship) are protected from evil influences by this outer shell.

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Grebo mask
Grebo mask
Senufo Mask
Senufo Mask
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